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Krampus: A Devil for the Naughty

I have long been fascinated by the German folklore character of Krampus. He is often depicted graphically as a very scary, devil-like monster with horns, a tail, and a long, wagging tongue. The German folk story goes that he is a Yultide opposite of St. Nicholas. While St. Nick brings gifts to good kids, Krampus brings punishments to the bad ones. Most depictions of Krampus show him tormenting bad children and, apparently carrying them off some place. Very scary.

Beginning in the mid-19th century or so, Germans began sending holiday cards with images of Krampus going after the naughty children. Often the cards featured the German phrase "Gruß vom Krampus" (Greetings from Krampus) accompanying the picture. Seems like a cruelly terrifying thing to be sending to children but, this was done. At some point in the later 19th, and early 20th century, however there started to appear an increasing number of these holiday cards showing Krampus accosting people who were clearly adults, and the idea of their "naughtiness" was clearly hinting at, shall we say, more adult behaviors.

Of this collection of old German postcard images, I came across one that clearly depicted an adult woman and had an absolutely kinky appearance to it. Crafted originally as a post card, it required a significant amount of detailed restoration and digital enhancement to be suitable as wall art but I am pleased to say that this got done pretty well. Accordingly, Rabid Crow is now able to offer this bizarre old kinky devil art on 24"x36" stretched faux canvas - big enough to go on your wall at home and spark some very interesting adult conversations.


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