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Art of Witches Restored After 400 Years

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

After many, many months of meticulous work, Rabid Crow is excited to announce the completion of a major repair and restoration of six images of great importance in the history of witchcraft and Satanism. In 1608, the Italian Catholic priest and exorcist Francesco Maria Guazzo published his notorious witch hunting manual titled "Compendium Maleficarum" illustrated with a series of woodcut prints purported to show witches receiving instruction, guidance and inspiration directly from Satan himself. After more than 400 years, the illustrations in every single existing copy of this book in the entire world are badly damaged and faded with age. Using the latest technology, and a deep well of patience, I have carefully resurrected a custom curated selection of six of these old images with a detailed repair and restoration effort. Each of the six is now available as a stand-alone work. In addition, I have also compiled them together in a work I call "The Witches Hexaptych." A "hexaptych" is a six-panel art work. This form of multi-panel work was a popular form of religious devotional art in the Middle Ages. In my hexaptych, Guazzo's old prints form a combined image which creates a far different message and impact that the originals. Here the multipart presentation has been separated from the negative, prosecutorial text and posed in a multipart format frequently associated with devotional religious art. My intention is to convey a far more positive, almost reverent depiction of the Prince of Darkness and his loyal allies. You can see them on the sale page at


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