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Rabid Crow Arts & Graphics specializes in presenting imagery of a dark and historical flavor.


Some of our works may be categorized as transgressive art, shock art or neo-gothic art and will find resonance in the gothic, punk, metal, biker, pagan, satanist and related dark aesthetic subcultures.


Rabid Crow practices an explicitly derivative form of art, taking dark aesthetic imagery from history and modifying it in some fashion to be appealing to modern eyes in a wide range of formats from framed stretched canvas paintings to t-shirts and coffee mugs. The modification of the classic old imagery may take the form of a straight forward restoration or it may be a major transformation to create a significantly changed visual.

In our two stores you will find Satanic art for sale, including the Sigil of Baphomet and other archetypes flowing from cultural sources like The Satanic Bible and its historical precursors.


This imagery is not for everyone. Some will find it to be offensive and contrary to their world view. So be it. Our work is not for them. Our art is expressly for that elite segment of humanity with whom our dark work resonates.

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